As we enter the new century and dive headlong into bold new frontiers opened up by the tectonic shifts brought on by the combination of the multi pronged technological revolution and ever increasing transparency of information.  EmergingTrends picks apart, pulls together, and projects current concepts, ideas, models, and gives you glimpses into possible futures based on the imagination of Prataap Patrose.  


Some of the longer pieces of Emerging Trends were written starting in 1998, and therefore you will see references to the past, present and future. Some trends that were written years ago may already have happened or just be happening. It is not a crystal ball. Instead view it as a refection on current trends and the resulting opportunities. While Predictions and Plugs are giving your Prataap’s take on whats happening today that will influence your life. 

Emerging Trend takes a freewheeling look at the present and the immediate future of this revolution we are living through, introducing zany new thoughts and fun concepts, along with a lot of practical ideas that could give you the winning edge to be the leaders for the next generation of products and services.

Using these insights, you can be the one to create the “next new thing,” or better still the next major radical paradigm shift in thinking that will influence the choices we make in defining the shape and context of the 21″ century. Now is the time to influence the future with your ideas and actions. Jump into the game … …there are no sideline or bleachers in this new arena we live in.

You are in it or out of it. Your move. Next.

Come ready to play. Go away excited.

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