Insight + Passion + Strategy = Winning Edge

You bring the passion, and Emerging Trends will provide the insights and together we’ll create the strategy for your winning edge. Let’s play ball.  


Emerging Trends will notify you via RSS feed (please subscribe to RSS feed on right side on this page) when its latest edition is posted or simply drop by when you are surfing. New Visions and Trends will be posted periodically and will change format or decide to morph when the time comes. All part of being in the ever changing digital world of today.

Emerging Trends will be built around Visions, such as; “Customization,” “Polarization”, “Information Indigestion”, “Success at 19!”  “Death and Post Death”, and 4-5 Emerging Trends will be explored, along with the corresponding Next Opportunities. The target audience is anyone who wants to ride the tiger and is curious, and intrigued enough to explore what the big shifts around us are and then how to ride the wave to build your own success in the New Economy.  Or just read it and walk away shaking your head.

ET is a catalyst to encourage you to play with ideas and run with the ones that catch your fancy.  Create, Innovate and re-create. Most of all, have fun !


Please DON’T believe any of what you read at this site/blog. Take what sparks your imagination and create something uniquely your own out of it. This is simply a catalytic site. This site does not endorse or sell any products or services. We believe in the free circulation of ideas. Any reference to a specific brand name or service is only to illustrate a point. ET is here to present provocative new ideas for you to take and make the next big leap and generate the next quantum shift in thinking around each new trend that sparks your imagination and passion.

The ideas discussed here are free to be used and distributed.  All views expressed at emergingtrends.com are those of Emerging Trend.org (unless otherwise stated) and any ideas, data, trends, views, projections, suggested opportunities, or observations expressed are NOT to be assumed as being accurate or used as recommendations or guidelines for action. Neither Emerging Trends. nor Prataap Patrose bear any responsibility what so ever for the accuracy, use, or actions resulting from the use of any information from Emerging Trends or the contents of this blog.

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