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                           WHO DO I WANT TO BE TODAY?

                                         ANDY WARHOL OR THOMAS LEONARD


Emerging Trends:

In more than any other modern culture Americans are fascinated with the idea of recreating themselves through plastic surgery, fashion trends, pop culture, sports, TV, movies, and living vicariously through the celebrities who dare to live on the edge. In recent years, David Bowie, Prince (the artist) and Madonna, three mediocre singers at best, have amassed fortunes, risen to the top of celebrity status and managed to stay there consistently by continually changing their identities and not just their style. You can add Michael Jackson to that list; for a while during the late 80’s he was the best at reinventing himself.

And that’s only in the performing art world. Now there is the revival of the “self help” movement, picking up where it left off in the late 70’s. Except this time it’s a lot less cult-like and its better leaders, Thomas Leonard in Coaching, Tom Peters with his Brand You concept, and Depak Chopra with Quantum Healing, are promoting individual growth and identity. They have strong ideas about personal identity that form the basis of their very different concepts for the next stage of personal and business evolution, each with a lot of room for personalization and individualization.

Combine that trend with the fact that the average 40 year old has already made 5-10+ job changes and possibly 2 to 3 different career switches and you realize that most people don’t have a concept of career any more; life is a series of projects that define who you are as Tom Peters goes on to drum into you. Constant re-invention is the name of the game.

Next Opportunities:

This trend is not directly about next opportunities. Reinventing your identity is almost a given in today’s economy. The faster and more willing you are to change who you are (while holding on to your values, and personal passions) and how you view the world the more next opportunities you will find in the years ahead. The more rigid you are about your identity and unwilling you are to grow and evolve, the more likely you will be stuck as a passive observer. This applies to companies as much as it does to individuals. Microsoft is already looking past the monopoly of the PC.  Whether or not it is “broken up”, Microsoft knows that it must redefine itself to be a major player in the next generation of net based computer applications and search based web access. Sitting on the sidelines might be an option for some, but not if you plan to ride the wave.

Existing professionals stand to gain from this trend if they partner and re-partner with the right someones. The result: new professions will soon emerge; personal transformational managers (career services of the old days), celebrity coaches, futurists and personal trendsetters, personal branders, just to name a few.


Let your imagination run wild.

Create the future and smell the roses, it’s your move!

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