Posted by: prataap | November 6, 2008


Post Election Blues

1.   No time to waste, Obama starts presidency …. Europe euphoric, Africa ecstatic, Asia holds its breath. 

2.    First new cabinet member Rahm Emanuel chief of staff announced today and next,  Volcker as Secretary of Treasury announced this week. Gates to stay for now as Sec of Defense.

3.    New cabinet posts for Urban Affairs, Infrastructure, and Renewable Energy to be announced.

4.    Obama invited to global Economic summit. Global economic policies start getting set with foreign leaders, bypassing Bush.

5.    Obama takes a long term view with a 200 day plan instead.     

6.    Dow rises 500 points day after Sec of Treasury is announced.

7.    Obama and McCain break bread before Thanksgiving.

8.    Bush makes an Obama faux pas before Nov is out.

9.    France/US the new major transatlantic alliance is formed.

10. China and India cautiously concerned about impacts from new trade policies.

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