Posted by: prataap | December 6, 2008



Dec 6, 2008


  1. Obama co-opts Hillary’s run for 2012. Partnership lasts 2 years max.
  2. New credit card debt crisis and post Thanksgiving/Christmas bankruptcies has Dow drop 1,000 points in single day in Dec 08/Jan 09.
  3. Starbucks continues to shrink and by year’s end 2009 gets bought out or goes the way of Shaper Image, Chap 11.
  4. Black is out. Patterns and messages will be ubiquitous: on shoes, cars, laptops, tote bags, cell phones, jackets…you name it.
  5. Vision – Strategy = Hallucination
  6. President Obama quits smoking and gets to keep his Blackberry.
  7. 50% off is everywhere for next 6 months. Cash is king. But who has it?
  8. Post consumption, Stable State Economy and other new economic terms enter the popular lexicon.  Demand/supply growth paradigm shifts to new & repackaged models based on value creation, barter, and zero carbon growth.
  9. Big Three in Detroit become One Big One in 2009.
  10. Power generated from algae lights up first US town in 2009.


  1. My favorite is no. 5…not really a prediction, just a wise comment that describes me at my dreamiest…hallucinating! It makes me laugh every time I consider it. Great observation.

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