Posted by: prataap | May 5, 2013



May 4, 2013

1. Bioelectronics.  BodyGurdian vital sign sensors, Reebok & MC10 helmet impact sensors, Proteius Digital Health grain sized sensor to swallow, MC10 band aids  monitoring hydration levels. Sensors to fit your imagination ?

2. Prenatal DNA sequencing Ask Illumina or Verinata . Know your unborn child’s full genetic makeup of strengths and weaknesses. Leave nothing to nurture ?

3. Social Media mimicking real conversation: Snapchat , Wickr, Gryphn, Burn Note bring  you IM with built-in privacy, it vanishes in an instant like real conversation. No digital footprint ?

3. Solar Panels on steroids. Finally Dow chemical’s producing solar panels that push efficiency to 50% !! What’s the catch ?

4. No more smart phone into the toilet: Smart watches by Pebble, Sony, Motorola , Metawatch will give you time but also pushes data to your wrist. One more gadget or the next new thing ?

Are you buying it ?


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