Posted by: prataap | January 21, 2014


Jan 21, 2014
The Year of the Horse or the year of the mobile payment apps race ?

Random 9 horses.   Just the bareback facts.

1. Apple Passbook: Keeps your Starbucks, Delta, Fandango cards in one place. Location and time based.

2. Google Wallet: Stores debit and credit card info. Wave your phone and go. At least that’s the idea.

3. Lemon Wallet now LifeLock: Puts debit, credit, loyalty cards all in one place. Plus identity protection.

4. SquareWallet: Similar to option 3 above but works only with a list of merchant. Has cool features like, say your name at check out and go.

5. Iris: Preload and spend. Lose it, freeze the wallet.

6. Chirpify: Use Twitter and Instagram to buy, sell and receive money.

7. Venmo: A cross between Twitter, Paypal, E-mail, Facebook, Foursquare. Go figure.

8. Dwola: Connects directly between your back account and Facebook accounts.

9. Paypal: The grand daddy in the game.

You say I missed a couple.  Wonder why Visa and Am Ex are scrambling.  Its  the year of the mobile payment apps race !!!

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