Posted by: prataap | December 14, 2014





1. From Steve McQueen to you. 714 Persol. Hot was never so cool.

2. Sustainable shave. Bison Max Sprecher. Choice hairloom.

3. Blocks headwinds and tailwinds. Senz Original Umbrella. Swinging in the rain.

4. One less Car. Cylo One. Two hot wheels.

5. The survivalist in you. Bear Grylls Card Tool. The minimalist in me.

6. Bang the counter. Black+Blum+Brrrrr. Dislodge the cubes.

7. AirGuitar to AirPlay. Bang&Olufsen Beoplay. Shape of music to come.

8. It’s Dyson’s world. Tower Fan. Bladeless noiseless breeze.

9. Elroy Jetson here I come. Sperovelo Rider. For the kid in us.

10. Be your own Spielberg. Parrot Bebop Drone. Move over FAA.

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