Posted by: prataap | December 26, 2017



  1. Trump starts war and fires Mueller.
  2. AZ, Ill, TX, PA primaries. Bannon vs GOP. Bannon loses.
  3. #MeToo changes make up of Congress.
  4. Serina Williams ties Margaret Court.
  5. Immunotherapy CART the new norm for cancer treatment.
  6. Low fat pigs to draught resistant crops. CRISPR edited genes to the rescue.
  7. Super bug pandemic sweeps across SE Asia to the rest of the world in weeks.
  8. Customized shoes to car manufacturing. Design. Order. Delivered.
  9. Drone selfies.
  10. Companion robots.
  11. NFL lawsuits pile up. Start of the end.
  12. Apple. Pay with your face.
  13. Iran restarts nuclear program. Israel bombs Iran.
  14. A major utility and your computer, both held ransom by hackers !
  15. Bangladesh wins Nobel Peace prize for taking in over 1M Rohingya refugees.
  16. Trump and Brexit creates global leadership vacuum. China fills it.
  17. Hacks for hire.
  18. Prince Harry causes diplomatic incident. Invites Obamas but not Trumps.



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