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Jan 1, 2019

  1. Move over Trans. Digisexual is here.
  2. Buckle up! The DC circus is just warming up.
  3. Underwater hotels not a niche market.
  4. Housing market crash ripples across economy. Again.
  5. The home robot is your closet and refrigerator. 
  6. Muller drops bombshell. Putin had Trump by the xxxs.
  7. Bloomberg runs in 2020.
  8. Dow rides giant waves. Heads below 20,000!
  9. Vitamin D to skipping meals to pure O2. Jet lag remedies.
  10. Bhutan the first Carbon negative country in the world!
  11. Whole genome sequencing for under $100. 
  12. Job titles go the way of ties. 
  13. Levis leads customization revolution.
  14. Musk beats Sir Richard into space. Or does he?
  15. Half of all cell phone calls will be robocalls.
  16. AI comes to TV.
  17. FIRE movement spreads. 
  18. The year Bitcoin ATMs start to sprout.
  19. Microbiomes all the rage in medicine.
  20. Fortnite goes the way of FarmVille.
  21. Netflix gets Oscar for Roma.
  22. Look here. i-phone eye scanners will detect lies 
  23. Undersea servers to keep them cool. 
  24. Wild fires, droughts, coastal flooding. Climate change tsunami hits.
  25. Delivery bots rule the city sidewalks. 
  26. Latest travel trend. Lux sabbatical.
  27. Look out! The next global pandemic is minutes away.
  28. Tesla all electric cargo barges set sail.
  29. Digital privacy laws take center stage.
  30. Loneliness the new trendy illness.
  31. Amazon takes on your health care.
  32. Alexa calls 911 during orgasm and causes a raucous.
  33. CRISPR changes the rules. From medicine to agriculture
  34. Facebook breaks up. But still holds all your secrets.
  35. Man dies from boredom of sameness of Instagram posts.
  36. Woodstock 50th redux a dud.


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