Posted by: prataap | December 31, 2008



PEAK INTO 2009:  Part 1   Jan 1, 2009


  1. Geek is cool….hail to President Geek.
  2. Yahoo and AOL do not exist by summer of 2009. Split up and sold…mostly to Microsoft & Google & Chinese.
  3. Columbian coffee growers buy majority share in Starbucks.
  4. Ready for the latest isms. Post Consumerism Capitalism.  What does that look like?  2009!
  5. Niche sectors flourish: infrastructure reconstruction, elder care, basic physics research, green technologies.
  6. Liquidations, deep discounts, 50% sales numb the mind and wallet.
  7. Recycle becomes the catch word with Nike, Nokia and the like.
  8. Recession chic, frugal chic and simply chic lead the Spring line up.
  9. 3D movies back in theaters in summer of 2009 with Spielberg or Pixar leading the way.  Bond, home movies, and NFL next ?
  10. The PC is dead! Mini-notebooks and tablets under 2 lbs are in.  
  11. Nixon visits China in 1972. Clinton visits Iran in 2009. With no preconditions.


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