Posted by: prataap | January 15, 2009



PEAK INTO 2009:  Part 2 Jan 15, 2009


  1. US unemployment hits 10% by summer of 2009. Silver lining? Customer is finally king again, and customer service means something.
  2. Four day work weeks become a necessity.
  3. World moves to a slower pace in 2009. Stop and smell the stocks.
  4. US retail shrinkage ripples through globe – Shanghai to Paris to Mumbai.  Liquidations and Consolidation in Spring, Store closing in Summer, and fierce competition all year.
  5. Wireless electrical home appliances hit the marketplace and boggle the mind….or…..fries the mind.
  6. Auto parking on luxury 2010 models, voice activated commands in 2011.
  7. Beer sales up, Martinis shaken up.
  8. Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Bankruptcy lawyers, repair shops…what do they have in common?
  9. Renewable energy sector jobs surpasses biotech as the major growth industry in US. Finally!  And smart grids bring it home to you.
  10. 2009 sees the sale of USPS?
  11. dies a natural death. Or does it morph to live another day?




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