Posted by: prataap | February 21, 2009


2009:  Part 3       Feb 20, 2009


  1. China + America = Chimerica finally emerge as true business/political partners in the new, new world order.
  2. 2009 Macau the new gambling capital of the world. Adios Las Vegas !
  3. Number of US store closing double in 09 over 08. Taking down manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, along with main street america.
  4. Planes easily reconfigured for each flight. Long haul with showers and exercise rooms for a fee. Short hauls with snack bar and less leg room. Cell phone booths and massage chambers ?
  5. Personalize your internet search bots.
  6. Hybrid sub-compact cars become the new rage in 2009. One model by every major car maker in 2010.
  7. Post recycle…old fashioned Reuse returns. Reuse of plastic bags to cell phones to retro chic to used cars is in.
  8. Tread mills at gyms and dance floors at night clubs harness energy produced by repetitive human motion.
  9. The year of the Last Minute Travel Bargains………luxury to budget.
  10. Are we headed towards regionalized capitalism in a multi-polar world?



  1. What about harnessing the human energy produced on treadmills on airplanes to fuel the plane in flight?????

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