Posted by: prataap | March 5, 2009



MARCH 4, 2009

1.     First US topless café is in Vassalboro, Maine !! Starbucks eat your heart out.

2. the next, new thing in media rich web browsing. Bet on it. Randi Komisar and KPC&B have put millions on it.

3.     My Space meets American Idol. Listen to and vote on unsigned acts at

4.     See a land formation or town from your plane window you want to identify? Take along on your next Virgin American flight with in flight wifi and find out.

5.     Joe Hynek of Iowa State University has designed a solar panel plated handbag. After three hours of direct exposure it can charge an i-phone, camera or cell phone.

6.     In the emerging field of Genopolitics, while we are neither “blank slates” nor “voting robots”, the theory is that our political behavior is shaped by both our genes and cultural expression. Buy that?

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