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MARCH 12, 2009

1. A mobile 11,000 sq.ft. building made of 24 stacked shipping containers maybe coming to a port near you.  Part of 2009 Volvo Ocean Race next stop Boston harbor April 2009.

2.    Install your own 7 feet wide plastic wind turbine and cut your home electric bill in half. So says First rent an anemometer for free at and check wind conditions at your specific location.

3.    GINA Light Visionary Model. BMW’s latest concept car. A fiber draped car? GINA is awaiting you.

4. Wacky design concepts that include: Places, Products, Ideas & People.

5.    Black ribbon event. A virtual catwalk at

6.    Sit back, watch, and blow your mind with some truly amazing facts about the times we live in. Where else, but on


  1. I’ve been plugging addresses into to find a place where I can get the most out my next move. New York state looks mighty generous, very appealing to get 75% of my wind turbine paid for with a very short payback…free energy in just a few years.

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