Posted by: prataap | June 2, 2009



June 2, 2009


  1. The Dow’s constant ups and downs in the next 12 months will have you wonder, whatsup ? Simply ignore it; it’s the new, new world order.
  2. JAL first and then other airlines get on the biofuel bandwagon.
  3. Luck = Preparation + Opportunity
  4. Automatic remote backup of files become a standard feature on all laptops.
  5. New retail models emerge that focus on value from niche markets, relying less on growth and volume of sales.
  6. Call centers come back to Tennessee and Nova Scotia. Hollow victory.
  7. Mini ads (10-20 sec), mini-mini sitcoms(5-10 min) created just for i-phones and PDAs. Long enough for your subway ride.
  8. Look for GPS tracking devices embedded in laptops, cell phones, cars, even running shoes….sign over your privacy.
  9. Tweets are free, media is not? Fox Corp. and Time Warner to follow WST and NYT and charge for online content. What? No more free lunch ?


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