Posted by: prataap | June 28, 2009

PRATAAP’s PLUGS: June 28, 2009


June 28, 2009


  1. You have not heard of Ted? You must have been living under a virtual world some where. Take a listen to some amazing people and ideas worth spreading
  2. By 2010 you will be tired of hearing about Smart Grids. So find out all about it at and also peek for more at
  3. Many of you asked:  Could my butler trend prediction in Jan2008 ‘s Custimization: Trend 3: Billionaires be for real?  Take a look at . Who said that the recession had killed all the multi-millionaires in the world ?
  4. Samsung comes out with first solar powered cell phone
  5. How Geek can you be? How about for $20 get a T-shirt that graphically displays the wifi signal in the area. Cool!
  6. Wirelessly charge your phone or PDA. Simply lay it on this $35 pad from

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