Posted by: prataap | December 18, 2009

Prataap’s Plugs


       What That Under De Tree? Dec 18, 2009

  1. Get into the 10 year old in you. Try out on line monsters for Christmas. While you at it, buy a bale of hay from Farmville by at the next new thing, virtual goods meets social gaming.
  2. A pocket sized digital camera and projector in one. Yes! That’s right NikonCoolpix  s 1000pj is a two for the size of one that you just have to see to believe.
  3. Fans have not changed in a few hundred years. And this year they have with Dyson Air Multiplier Fan. Its way cool, a fan with no blades !!
  4. Want to get physical. Get a designer axe at  Best Made Axes, you will never feel the same way about kindling.
  5. OK it is -10F outside. Not too early to dream of firing up that grill. Fuego Element Grill’s  robot like looks makes it a flame changer.
  6. The long awaited cordless chargers are here. And they work.  A Powermat will charge your i-phone and camera faster than their original chargers and use less juice to boot.
  7. Oh! You thought toy helicopters were just for little boys and girls. Try the mSR  RC Helicopter and tell me you are not addicted to flying.
  8. The surfboard has finally evolved from the centuries old concave ovoid shape to a sexy corseted waist and a pointy tail. Designed by Thomas Meyerhoffer, a Swede + Apple alum no less. Coming to surf shops by the ocean this spring.
  9. Whatever You Think Think The Opposite by marketing guru Paul Arden. Reads like fortune cookies by John Lennon, Demien Hirst, Tom Peters and Woody Allen. Fun !
  10. Bored with gift buying. Check out reviews of movies that are just incubating and years from screening at your local multiplex. Get the raw advance scoop at

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