Posted by: prataap | January 1, 2010



 Jan 1,2010


  1. From the age of information to the decade of ideas. Original thinking finally becomes a new currency with real value. 
  2. G-phones take on i-phones and wins.
  3. Tiger wins US Open and all is forgotten. It’s the US stupid.
  4. Irrationally exuberant US stock rally of 2009 hits brick wall in Q1.
  5. Gap to Gucci. Pop up stores are the retail concept to watch for in 2010. Inexpensive, ephemeral, exciting.
  6. Home landlines are dead !
  7. GE, Disney, Caterpillar, HP and Microsoft; companies formed in down economies. Can you spot the next Google?
  8. Service in customer service is back. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  9. Reducing waste in food is in, from supermarkets to restaurants half size and half portions get trendy.
  10. Vinyl, cassettes and now CD. Napster and i-tunes cause the death of the CD. Look for net streaming to replace downloads.


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