Posted by: prataap | January 31, 2010

Prataaps Plugs


Feb 1, 2010 

  1. A portable entertainment center on your head. Video eye wear by Vuzix of Rochester NY a must see. Vuzix
  2. Mobile advertising on your cell phone. 6 million users have signed up for it at mobilemarketer
  3. Ironic lyrics or soft pop. You Listen. You decide. I die by Magnetic Fields.
  4. Facts. Facts. Facts. What does it all add up to ?
  5. Spot the next Google. Layar, Sense Network, Zynga, Spotify, BioFuelBox ?
  6. Have an old Cold Play or Dara or sofa to chuck. Try SwapTree next time.
  7. Beyond Google, Yahoo, Bing…..look out for WolframAlpha. The silent Alpha of search engines.
  8. You thought Segway was cool, see what is next. It’s project PUMA. Find out what it stands for.
  9. OnlineCondomAdviser a site run by 31 year old Jan Vinznez Krause of Germany, catalogs over 100 brands of condoms. His latest invention Spray-on condom did not meet EU’s strict product standards. Shucks!!
  10. Want to see the exact view out of your plane window before your next flight. Type in your route at fboweb.

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