Posted by: prataap | January 10, 2010



Jan 10, 2010   


  1. IBM, Oracle, HP, Google, Cisco fight for supremacy of the cloud. 
  2. Democrats lose majority in House and Senate. Just like that.
  3. 2010 a big year for M&A and major consolidation: EA+ Mattel, AA+JAL, Krafts+Cadbury, UPS +USPS ? 
  4. Post consumer(ism) value creation strategies, the  race for the new 21 st. cent sustainable business model.
  5. Malls reinvent themselves. Rock concerts to circus to day spas to get you to the mall. 
  6. Personal physicians from Carena make house calls for Microsoft, Starwoods and Costco employees.  Why not your co.?
  7. Intel Health Guide pioneers emerging field of aging in place. Elder care by remote ?
  8. Real time cell phone ads as you pass your favorite retailer.
  9. i-tablet and Sony 3D the new big game changers of the year.


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