Posted by: prataap | March 13, 2010



March 13, 2010


  1. I first predicted it at age 6 in a science class, and saw it in action by the US army at age 26 at the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty.  And now, it can be mine for less than $250K. A personal jetpack. 
  2. You have got to love Branson. Virgin Galactic and now Underwater Planes. What is he going to call it ? Virgin Mermaid ?
  3. What do BrightSource, SolarCity, eSolar, Nanosolar have in common, other than one of them being the next blue chip of the 21st century economy
  4. The zanny blog name plug of the week. An environmental crime watch.
  5. Find out the effectiveness of your donations to non profits at GiveWell, GreatNonprofits, Charitynavigator, myPhilanthropedia, Guidestar.
  6. Have your gene leaves read!   Navigenics. ($999), 23andme ($499), deCODEme($985). This is deadly serious. You want to know, you get to know.
  7. Having a nightmare trying to redeem your Frequent Flyer Miles, try out ExpertFlyer or MilesManager
  8. Take a look at the winner of this years Vienna’s BLICKFANG design awards.
  9. A wrist top computer, a laptop that folds like a newspaper, a TV that works with gestures. Asustek may not be cool sounding, but its upcoming products may be the next i-pod like line of products. Look for the all in one Waveface Ultra bracelet.

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