Posted by: prataap | April 1, 2010


April 1, 2010

1. 3D TV the must have toy of 2010.
2. Meaghan Smith and Dresdendolls. The next Susan Vega and Green Day or just another pair with catchy tunes and staccato lyrics ?
3. Personalized pop up ads. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft with their AppNexus, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Right Medium, AdECN all want to instantaneously personalize ads in real time as you surf the web.
4. The age of Epigenetics is here. How your environment and your choices influence the genetic code you pass on to your kids.
5. Death of the CA vineyards? Hardly. But look for major foreclosures caused by falling land values and loan defaults to result in consolidation of the CA labels.
6. Forbes 2010 list of the richest . Gates and Buffet no longer on the top of the heap. Carlos Slim is #1…heard of him? I guess not. Mexican of Lebanese origin. Watch for a Wang or Ambani to top this list in the next 2 years.
7. Unemployment stays at 10%. Underemployment is significantly higher at 25% !
8. Google Alums spark the next tech boom through VC. Look for the next VC king and next game changing company to come out of this exclusive group of angles.
9. Unbranding of the brands. 15th Av Coffee and Teas in Seattle, owned by Starbucks, sets the new trend of multinational brands trying to ride the “local” wave.
10. Commercial real estate bubble bursts in Beijing in 2010 and ripples through China but not the world. Kangbash a brand new city west of Beijing built for 1 million, sitting empty for the taking.
11. Tesla Motors becomes the company of the year. Electric cars finally go high performance.
12. Tiger strides into the Masters but leaves with tail between his legs.


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