Posted by: prataap | May 22, 2010



May 20, 2010


  1. Wow !! 1000 feet of wild, private ocean frontage for under $60K. Nova Scotia  remains the Maine of the 60’s.
  2. There is the Apple IEM (In-ear monitors) for you and me. Try JH Audio JHS Pro for sound quality that is specifically molded to your ear. It’s positively fugly, but Lady Gaga drools by it.
  3. 120 million play Zynga’s online games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars on Facebook. Revenues of $450 million in 2010 from selling you virtual hay bails and machine guns. Now That’s a brilliant business model !!
  4. The first true YouTube generated teen pop star. 16 year old Justin Bieber sells 850,000 copies of his album My World over the internet without Disney.
  5. Arriving this summer Googles Translate app lets you point shoot or type in and translate a word or text in Malayalam or Arminian. Ordering lamb brain in Mangolia just got a whole lot less difficult.
  6. “He is a weapon…. as nimble as a ballerina…. and has his own foundation. ” Didier Drogba is the man to watch this summer at World Cup South Africa 2010 this June. Will he be dancing on your team ?

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