Posted by: prataap | May 20, 2010



May 20, 2010


  1. Coffee just got positively kinky. Next time, try a whiff Le Wiff   or coffee Lip Balm or Shower Shock.  
  2. Banksy.  The invisible star of Exit Through the Back Door. The next Keith Harring or just another performance artist passing through the gift shop?
  3. David Chang’s  (pork) buns are to die for. Frozen foie gras with lychees. Whipped tofu with sea urchins and tapioca.  Go figure.
  4. B Lab of PA, a non profit that certifies businesses as socially responsible. Is your company a “benefit corporation?”
  5. New generation of Mission One motorcycles keep getting stranger looking by the day.
  6. Whitney Biennial artist Kate Gilmore’s “Standing Up” performance art video is the rage on YouTube.
  7. The modern day De Vinci. Elon Musk is 38.  Owns SpaceX, a rocket scientist, designer of the Falcon 9. Helped create SolarCity. Designed Tesla, the electric car of the decade. Even launched PayPal.

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