Posted by: prataap | March 31, 2020



COVID 19: TAKE ONE: April:1:2020

  1. Big winner: global warming: Temp reversal of global temps.
  2. Virus war games played out at Med Schools and B Schools.
  3. AI+Automation+COVID= 3D printing at every corner.
  4. China no longer the supplier to the globe. Manufacturing of “essentials” goes local.
  5. COVID decides next US elections.
  6. WHO asks countries to keep tight control on borders till vaccine.
  7. Theft of high value art from museums increase.
  8. Offices cut back on downtown space as WFH catches on.
  9. Digital concerts, tennis, delivery, meal kits, currency, gambling, cooking, outdoor weddings, religion, therapists boom.
  10. Amazon goes for global domination!
  11. Pockets of the economy will innovate their way out fast.
  12. Resentment for immunity of über rich grows to slow boil.
  13. New products grow around communication, hygiene, entertainment, vaccines, PPE, cleaning products, dating.
  14. Virus research spins off whole new fields in science.
  15. Enter the Age of Big Data meets Big Govt.
  16. Autocrats seize even more power.
  17. Personal hygiene and self quarantining shaming.
  18. IBM, GE & Siemens new giants in health industry.
  19. Dow does not see 28,000 till 2030.
  20. Cruises are dead.
  21. Philanthropy is alive.
  22. Time to rethink restaurants, vacation, hygiene, long distance travel, hospitals, airports, hoarding, entertainment, self sufficiency, cities, global supply chain.
  23. Thermal imaging surveillance at all pubic places.
  24. Small town middle America decimated! Japan explodes.
  25. Survival training, guns and alcohol sales surge.
  26. Global poverty skyrockets.
  27. Community distancing brings people together.

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