Posted by: prataap | April 28, 2020



COVID-19: TAKE 2: May 1:2020

  1. PTSD and suicide spike among NY medical professionals.
  2. Economy opens in summer 2020. Only to close again in Fall 2020.
  3. Obama hits the campaign trail hard for Biden. Michelle.
  4. 25% national unemployment in summer 2020.
  5. Spring: Rampant bankruptcies. Airlines. Hospitals. Major brands. Dept Stores. Cities ?
  6. Fall: Offices stagger hours to manage social distancing in transit.
  7. Facial recognition software hit hard by masks.
  8. Robot companions finally becomes a trend.
  9. Thermal imaging, contract tracking apps everywhere.
  10. Say good bye to privacy.
  11. Sale! Sale! Sale! Cash is king again!

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