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APRIL 5, 2010

  1. Surely you want to know the 2010 best restaurant. It’s Noma in Copenhagen. Check out why and the rest of the top 50
  2. Too funny but real. TigerText a smart phone app makes text vanish after ascribed time!
  3. The new StartUp US Visa making it’s way through Congress. Hoping to attract the next Sergey Brin or Vinod Khosla to give birth to the next generation of US competiveness. Call your congresswoman and express yourself.
  4. Post recycle is Upcycle. Like laptop sleeves by LooptWorks made from leftover  wetsuit material.
  5. Discover web sites personalized just for you.
  6. Design of the cityscape. Cities don’t just come together, they are designed by intent or by accident. A fascinating conference on the topic.
  7. Kimchi quesadillas or short rib tacos anyone ? Roy Choi a Korean immigrant law school drop out and the best new chef in US, the inventor of Kogi the gourmet food truck movement.

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